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So, this is my first official blog post to the site, and I’d like to introduce you to me and the genesis of this website and film project. My sister always called me SarahFinah ever since I was a baby. And since this film is going to tackle issues related to family, I felt that the name for my production company would be appropriately named SarahFinah Films. Last fall something really painful happened to me, I lost my best friend. I tried desperately to stay ahead of the grief, but to no avail. I decided to begin seeing a counselor. Through some of our sessions, some painful feelings began to surface, mainly surrounding my biracial heritage and the attitudes toward my interracial family here in Alabama, especially after moving here from a place like Hawaii where diversity is celebrated. I began to see that I had built this huge armor around my heart that no one could penetrate. When I lost my friend, I could no longer ignore the important role she played in my life. She represented a part of myself that had been a virtual mystery, the black part. Growing up with a white mom and three white siblings, she was the only black person who really ever accepted me. I began to wonder how many other biracial people feel confused by their cultural backgrounds, especially here in the still socially segregated south? Well, that brings me to the present and my very first feature length documentary. It’s called ARMOR: Biracial in the Deep South. Thanks for checking out the site. Come along and join the ride!

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